If I

If I

 If I could have done one thing, I would have found God sooner.

I wouldn’t turn back time to meet someone to love them longer.

I wouldn’t look for quotes that try to tell me how relationships and life are supposed to be.

I wouldn’t turn to those around me that want to tell me how to react or what to do.

I wouldn’t knowingly and willfully choose to do the wrong thing.

I wouldn’t look for love in people that don’t want love.

I would listen to those people God put in my way to get my attention.

I would seek truth and love.

I would avoid the pain of choosing the world over God.

I would seek peace, God’s direction, God’s purpose, my identity in Christ not man.

I would know how to love because I would have learned from the perfect example.

I would hurt less, love more, laugh, have fun and experience true happiness.

I would invest in people’s lives more.

I would share the hope and the message of Christ.

If I could have done one thing, I would have believed sooner so I could live longer.

I wrote this on my FB in April of 2022 when I realized that everything I was doing, what everyone else was doing wasn't "real."  Posting relationship memes, quotes, things that made you feel good or bad but had no real meaning or substance to them.  People start believing that the memes they posted were what they were supposed to be like, live like, do, etc... It was kind of the epitome of my realization that the Christian way, the biblical way of living would actually let me avoid all the stupid's and actually provided me with the life I would have wanted to start with.  Loosely based on Psalm 62:1.


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